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Jan. 4th, 2012



Someone.... anyone?Collapse )

Jan. 3rd, 2012

Mein Wolin

(no subject)

A little note folded and tucked under the RED Soldier's bedroom doorCollapse )

Nov. 22nd, 2011


That Time of the Year Indeed

As you have seen it has come time for your annual physicals and, after reviewing your paperwork, a few of you have not had one in quite a while.
Seeing as how this is a bit short notice I will extend the grace period to Tuesday of next week. There is a form on my office door, as with BLU, for you to choose which day and time is best for you. I expect everyone to be on time and to shower beforehand. Please avoid aftershaves and deodorants (if any of you use them).

Should you choose not to take advantage of this flexibility within the allotted time I will schedule you myself.

This is a required, standard company physical for all of you, even new and returning recruits.

I am looking forward to seeing you, even if the sentiment is not mutual.

Oct. 22nd, 2011

Mein Wolin

August 13th, 1969

Written neatly in German, however with a rather poor ball-point pen.Collapse )

Sep. 29th, 2011


(Drabble, Dated August 13th about midnight, just hours before leaving for the week)

And It All Came Tumbling DownCollapse )

Aug. 11th, 2011

Medic Patch2

Note to the Team: Ditto

A note stuck under the Soldier's on the RED CorkboardCollapse )

Jul. 18th, 2011



 Does anyone know what happened to the television that was in the Common Room?

I probably should have brought this up before but I was not expecting to be needing it so soon, Wednesday, to be exact.

Jun. 19th, 2011


(no subject)

A neatly folded note found slipped under each active RED team's bedroom doors sometime in the later evening.Collapse )

Nov. 15th, 2010


(no subject)

(Written, folded and tucked under his doormat where a certain someone has been leaving things...)Collapse )

Oct. 24th, 2010


Oct. 24th, 1968

(Written in German, a small spatter of ink across the top corner)Collapse )

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